Rates & Destinations

Ask about group rates for 6 or more people for taxi or tours.

Water Taxi

Departure and pick-up times are scheduled per your request.

Destination Adult Child
(2-11 yrs.)
(under 2 yrs.)
Sadie Cove $75.00 r/t $40.00 r/t Free
Halibut Cove $75.00 r/t $40.00 r/t Free
Halibut Cove Lagoon $75.00 r/t $40.00 r/t Free
Tutka Bay $75.00 r/t $40.00 r/t Free
Kasitsna Bay $75.00 r/t $40.00 r/t Free
Seldovia via Jakolof Dock $75.00 r/t $40.00 r/t Free

Call us for optional departure times and special family and group rates for 6 or more guests.


All tours are limited to 10 guests to afford a spacious yet intimate wildlife experience.

Homer Fjord Explorer & Gull Island Tour

Enjoy cruising along the breathtaking Fjords of Tutka Bay, Sadie Cove and Eldridge Pass. The 34-foot, 15-passenger Beowulf can get you up close to the things you want to see.

En route, discover Gull Island, a small rocky island on the southern shore of Kachemak Bay. More than 16,000 seabirds nest on this natural sanctuary. Gull Island is one of the most viewable seabird colonies in Alaska, and every year thousands of people visit the island by boat to witness the spectacle of nesting seabirds.

Daily departures @ 9:30A.M. (optional times available)

Adults $75.00 / Children (2-11 yrs.) $40.00

Seldovia via Jakolof Dock

Seldovia Tour & Water Taxi Service

Book a round-trip from Homer to Seldovia-- You will start by taking a 30-minute boat ride to Jakolof dock on the other side of the bay where a taxi will be waiting for you to take you along the beautiful, scenic 10-mile drive to Seldovia. Then when it's time to return, the taxi will be there to drive you back to Jakolof dock for your return trip to Homer.

Call Halo Cab (907) 399-4229 $42/one-way to book your land taxi.

Adults $75.00 / Children (2-11 yrs.) $40.00

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